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14 - Early Test Pattern

Custom Calibrations is here to evaluate your specific calibration needs. Whether you need to improve the blacks and whites of your TV or adjust the gray scale accuracy of your screen, we got you covered.

How It Works

A typical calibration takes two to three hours. Projectors take longer if they are not lined up correctly. We’ll provide a diagnosis, analysis, and a report of the TV’s performance before and after calibration. The new settings will then be stored on your TV.


The Elements of Video

This is the order for setting calibrations:

  • Brightness (Black level)
  • Contrast (White Level)
  • Color (Saturation or Chroma)
  • Tint (Hue)
  • Sharpness (Detail)
  • Gray Scale Accuracy From Black to Bright
  • CMS Color Management System for Each of the Three Primaries (Red, Green, and Blue) and Secondaries (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)

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